Food to control “sugar” in the blood that the Japanese recommend.

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Increased sugar levels in the blood will cause the body to produce more insulin to convert the sugar into fat and store it in the body. If you like to eat foods that are sweet and eat in large quantities often It will cause the body to produce abnormal insulin and lead to diabetes. In addition, if the blood sugar level rises and decreases rapidly will make you feel hungry easily and eat fussy leading to obesity easily Let’s get to know the food that Japanese experts recommend to eat often. For the purpose of reducing high blood sugar levels and slowing the rise of blood sugar levels. Resulting in maintaining normal UFABET levels of insulin production in the body.

Food to control "sugar" in the blood that the Japanese recommend.

Food to control “sugar” in the blood that the Japanese recommend.


Hom new contains a substance called isoalliin (Isoalliin), which has the effect of helping insulin work to control blood sugar levels. The amount that should be eaten to control blood sugar levels is approximately ¼ -1/2 head per day, either raw or cooked as desired.


Avocados are rich in unsaturated fatty acids, which slow the flow of sugar into the blood vessels. Hence, it prevents the rapid increase in blood sugar levels. In addition, avocados are rich in soluble fiber. This slows down the absorption of sugar from food into the body.

Natto (fermented soybeans)

Natto, or fermented soybeans, is a fermented soybean product rich in pectin. which is a soluble fiber Pectin suppresses the rise in blood sugar levels after eating. *Natto is also rich in glucomannan, a viscous dietary fiber. Help prevent sugar from quickly entering the bloodstream. Consuming natto regularly is therefore a Japanese way of preventing diabetes.

blue fish

Blue-fleshed fish such as saba, sardines, mackerel, sanma, and katsuo, among others, are rich in omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D, which work together to normalize insulin secretion.

broccoli sprout

Broccoli sprouts are rich in sulforaphane. (Sulforaphane), which helps the body control blood sugar levels well. In addition to broccoli sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, kale, and Chinese cabbage also contain sulforaphane. But broccoli sprouts contain the highest amount of this compound.


Okra contains fiber, pectin, a sticky mucilage. which binds to sugar in the body Slowing the rise in blood sugar levels after meals Plus, okra is rich in magnesium and zinc. which helps the work of insulin better


barley It is rich in beta-glucan (β-glucan), which is a soluble fiber and helps prevent the rise of blood sugar levels. In addition, barley is rich in insoluble fiber. which makes you feel full faster and makes you eat less Indirectly results in the prevention of an increase in blood sugar levels. besides barley Oats and wheat also contain a lot of beta-glucan.

When life can’t be sweet We must have a way to take care so that the sweetness does not destroy our health . Try eating these foods regularly. In addition to helping prevent obesity, it also prevents diabetes as well. The authors think that these foods may also be beneficial for patients with diabetes. Because food naturally reduces the amount of sugar that rises in the bloodstream after meals. leading to a reduction in the amount of medication that must be taken to control sugar This means that it can save your body from the side effects of the drug.