Women with symptoms of vaginal discharge that should not be overlooked Things close to you that can happen every day

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Vaginal discharge is a normal symptom that happens to all women , but of course, sometimes it can also indicate something wrong with the human body as well. The abnormality that occurs will be expressed through the nature of the vaginal discharge that occurs each time. Today we invite girls. Let’s understand more about the symptoms of vaginal discharge. because it is considered a close matter that should be given great importance

Women with symptoms of vaginal discharge that should not be overlooked Things close to you that can happen every day

Symptoms of vaginal discharge that occur every day
Vaginal discharge that is usually clear or slightly white, odorless, and in large amounts around the middle of the menstrual cycle, when ovulation occurs. or sometimes in large amounts before or after menstruation It depends on the physical health of each woman. The white discharge is harmless. But in the event that the vaginal discharge is abnormal, it is a sign of some disease that should be examined and treated further.

Symptoms of abnormal vaginal discharge
As for the symptoms of vaginal discharge that indicate abnormality, there will be a foul smell, fishy smell, the color changes from white to yellow, white or gray. Some cases have blood in it, itching, burning sensation in the vagina, abdominal pain and fever.

Causes of leucorrhoea
The main causes of leucorrhoea are often caused by bacterial, fungal and sexually transmitted infections. In addition to infection It comes from a tumor, cancer, and a foreign body in the vagina.

The appearance of the color of the vaginal discharge and the abnormalities that occur
Normally, benign vaginal discharge is white in appearance. While the appearance of the color that changes from white indicates various abnormalities as follows.

Green discharge is caused by a bacterial infection or sexually transmitted infection. Which requires urgent medical attention for a thorough examination of what infection is https://ufabet999.com

milky white discharge Caused by a fungus, itching, burning sensation in the vaginal area and have a burning sensation during intercourse. In this case, if the partner also has symptoms, they must also be treated.

Gray discharge is caused by a bacterial infection. Which requires a doctor to see what kind of bacteria it is If normal bacteria. The doctor will prescribe medication according to the symptoms. But if it is a bacteria that is transmitted through sexual intercourse. The doctor will also examine your partner and prescribe medication.

brown vaginal discharge or bloody It is a symptom that is quite worrisome. need to be thoroughly examined because it may be at risk of developing a tumor or cervical cancer

Women need to understand the symptoms of vaginal discharge well. Disorders of vaginal discharge can occur at any age. which in childhood may be caused by having a foreign body in the vagina or due to sexual abuse. While the reproductive age is considered the age when abnormal vaginal discharge occurs more often. Therefore, what every woman should pay attention to when it comes to vaginal discharge is to notice the color change. To be able to know the abnormalities that may occur with the body itself.