Watch Neymar + Messi’s smiles After the bombing of Nantes

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Go watch the clip calling the smiles of the 2 superstars of Paris. Saint-Germain Following last night’s 2022 French Super Cup game, the Parisian top team thrashed Nantes 4-0.

  Neymar presents medals to Paris teammates Saint-Germain after scoring twice as the French giants beat Nantes 4-0 in the Trofe des Champignons on Wednesday night (French Super Cup 2022). Sunday July 31, 2022)

Watch Neymar + Messi's smiles After the bombing of Nantes

  The French Super Cup 2022 is a meeting between French Ligue 1 champions Paris Saint-Germain last season. And the owner of this list of champions 10 times, meeting with Nantes, the owner of the French Cup, the latest champion and the old champion of this tournament, 3 times, it appears that PSG Winning the 2022 French Super Cup after beating Nantes 4-0, Neymar scored two goals alone, while Lionel Messi and Sergio. Ramos scores one more goal each.

 But it was Neymar who was a scene-stealer in a match at the Bloomfield Stadium in Tel Aviv, Israel. The 30-year-old spins a free-kick in front of the penalty area with the right. The ball curled into the goal beautifully in the first half. And then scored one of the most stagnant penalties I’ve ever seen late in the game. He was also the passer that led to Messi’s opening goal in the 22nd minute and gave the Nantes defender a lot of trouble for the remainder of the match. Neymar has often been criticized by fans for his performances on the pitch, most recently for his dives. However, when he is at the top of his UFABET game, he will be a player that anyone who has watched him play will have happiness.

 In addition, after the game Neymar was able to bring smiles from the fans. Another of them was to stand to distribute championship medals during the celebration after the competition. Usually, the event organizers are the one giving medals to the winning team. But the Brazilian has asked to give medals to Messi, Ramos and the rest of his PSG team-mates. his own It’s a picture that’s hard to find.

 Besides Neymar Another one that brings smiles to the fans is the 7-time Ballon d’Or owner like Messi. Who has performed equally well in this game and deserves a man of the match, although team-mate Neymar has scored two goals, and we may start to see the best of Messi. The spokes in the PSG shirt regularly after a fairly mediocre debut season. 

 Like last night’s performance on the pitch, the 35-year-old has shown his true class after accepting the championship medal. There was a young football fan who tried to take a picture with his idol. But the security team around Messi tried to stop the youngster. But as soon as Messi learns what happened He quickly stepped in and made the dream of a young soccer fan come true by taking a selfie.