“Sing” is confident that “Cugureya” talks “Leipzig” to loan “Werner”

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Chelsea expressed confidence that Will be able to grab a defensive line Mark Cugureya from Brighton in front of Manchester City for sure. The deal to release Timo Werner to Leipzig on loan has been discussed.

English Premier League side Chelsea are confident of reaching a personal contract with Spanish left-back Marc Gugureya . While negotiations with Brighton & Hove Albion. The player’s agency are ongoing with forward Timo Werner’s form falling. The Blues have spoken with RB Leipzig about loaned out but not yet concluded

"Sing" is confident that "Cugureya" talks "Leipzig" to loan "Werner"

The 24-year-old full-back has been heavily linked with Manchester City. But won the Premier League last season. Refusing to pay as the seagull wants about 50 million pounds. Or about 2,239 million baht with two offers the first 30 million pounds or about 1,343 million baht was rejected back. 

Came the second time, increased to 40 million pounds or about 1,791 million baht. But still not the way the Seagulls have set it up making the lion navy blue. Ready to face the Blues with the same handing that Brighton wanted. This time the chances of a release are quite high. Because they get the price they want. While Chelsea is confident that they can agree a personal contract with the players.

Meanwhile, in the case of German striker Timo Werner, who moved from RB Leipzig to Stamford Bridge in 2020, he failed to show the form he had hoped for, doing only 23. Goals in all competitions over two seasons have led to reports of a return to the old club, with Chelsea having a direct meeting with Leipzig on Sunday July 31.

By discussing the idea of ​​a player exchange agreement. Ready to release Werner on loan To enhance the game, but the team from Germany insists that they want to keep this UFABET team with the next team. therefore not released