Recognize the disease “forget the face”, unable to remember the faces of acquaintances

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inability to recognize faces (Prosopagnosia) is a defect in the brain’s perception and processing. complete loss of face recognition

Recognize the disease "forget the face", unable to remember the faces of acquaintances

inability to recognize faces What is Prosopagnosia?

Dr. Somsak Akkasilp, Director-General of the Department of Medical Services Revealed that the brain is a multifunctional organ. especially in terms of exposure to things. Whether it is sight, sound, smell, taste and perception, the brain is also responsible for processing to interpret more complex things that are touched. Therefore, if lesions that impair brain function occur. In addition, we may lose the ability to perceive things such as vision. We may lose our ability to perceive more complex, specific things, such as color perception. Loss of awareness of surrounding directions or even losing recognition or not being able to recognize people’s faces

Loss of perception or inability to recognize people’s faces. It is a condition in which patients have difficulty recognizing or recognizing people’s faces. Patients with this condition can be caused by damage to two parts of the brain: the part of the brain that is directly involved in recognizing people’s faces. or the part of the brain that is a memory store for images of faces that have been seen in the past Both regions of the brain predominate in the right hemisphere in most people who are right-handed. (different from using language on the left hemisphere) causes when any injury occurs in the right hemisphere whether it is ischemic stroke or rupture, infection, autoimmune inflammation, brain tumor, brain accident or even some kind of dementia There is a chance to cause this สมัคร ufabet condition at all.

Types of face recognition disorder

Dr. Tanin Vechapinan, director of Prasat Neurological Institute added that inability to recognize faces Can be divided into 2 types:

  1. congenital inability to recognize faces .This group of patients will have symptoms since childhood. causing delays in recognizing people’s faces. But other areas of development are usually normal
  2. Lateral facial incompetence which is caused by a brain injury that is usually on the right hemisphere born in adulthood

Symptoms of face recognition disorder

The main symptom is that the patient does not recognize faces. Even if it’s someone who the patient has known before, such as close relatives. They are often still able to remember the person’s identity by telling them about their characteristics. Or it can be guessed from the sound, the way you walk, or the way you dress.

If you suspect that someone close to you has a face recognition condition or have other vision abnormalities as well, should be taken to see a doctor immediately to assess symptoms Eye level measurement, visual field, vision measurement Take a Brain Fitness Test and X-ray examination of the brain to diagnose the cause. They may consider referring to a neurologist for further evaluation.

Treatment of facial incompetence

For treatment, it mainly focuses on treating the cause, such as surgery for bleeding in the brain or tumor. administration of anti-inflammatory drugs or disinfectants In case of congenital or dementia Will focus on treating symptoms by practicing face recognition by occupational therapists, etc.