Find out! Is this the golden age of organic products?

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Nowadays, we often hear that people widely use products or consumer products in their daily life that are  “organic” products  , that is, products that have gone through a production process that is free of all kinds of harmful chemicals. To humans, animals and the environment, therefore, truly organic products are not just natural products. But every process must be free of dangerous toxins. From the process of planting, raising, and meticulous care according to international standards. From the beginning to the end of the process

Find out! Is this the golden age of organic products?

Data from Kasikorn Research Center in August 2018 indicates that the domestic organic product market It is considered a money-generating business for Thai SMEs today. The organic product business has a tendency to grow steadily since 2018, with the world’s major organic markets including the United States, Canada, Europe, China, Australia, and ASEAN markets such as Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Thailand having growth rates of approximately 10 percent per year and is expected to expand 20 percent during 2017-2021.

Since we already know what type of organic product it is, Tonkit360 will take you to find the answer. Why are organic products or natural products that contain Not much embellishment Therefore it is very popular nowadays.

The new generation is more concerned with their health.
The trend towards health among the new generation is growing very quickly. Due to the lifestyle of people today, there is a risk of exposure to many environmental toxins. Air pollution, food, drinking water, chemical residues from various sources, including poison from heavy metals, lead, plastics, petrochemicals, food containers. Illnesses, epidemics, and stress. These are all factors that directly affect health. The impact may not occur immediately. But it will accumulate until the body is dangerous.

This means that by using normal daily life there is already enough risk of toxins entering the body. Especially for people of working age who have to go out every day. I rarely have time to take care of my health. When I have an illness, I often search for symptoms on the internet, and every symptom in the world is cancer or other serious illnesses. When I feel worried that living in this way may actually cause serious illnesses, Someday, if there is a way to reduce the risk of getting all chemicals into the body. and reduce the risk of other illnesses, it is likely that more people will choose that path

From consumer behavior that has turned to awareness and concern for good health and living. Consider that environmental toxins are factors that are difficult to avoid and control. Therefore, we turn to control the factors that can be controlled. is consumption Products used on the body must contain minimal or no toxins. Those products are organic products. that has a production process that is free of toxic chemicals and focuses almost entirely on nature Turning to consume organic products has grown to become a consumption trend. It has become a new way of life that people who are health conscious choose to use today.

for organic food or organic food Vegetable plants start from the stage of preparing the soil for planting. that must be free of toxic substances for at least 6 years. Seeds used for cultivation must not be genetically modified. Do not use chemical fertilizers. Do not use insecticides. The resulting product is therefore a product that comes from every natural growth process. Maintains high nutritional value Resist disease and sickness. As for livestock, the process of raising animals must be as natural as possible. Animals will not be caged. Run and play naturally So that the animals will not be stressed. Food given to animals must not be prepared food. No pesticide contamination, etc.

For other products used on the body, such as cosmetics, soap, shampoo, and organic toothpaste, they also meet the needs of people with sensitive skin. Because it comes from nature It will not be seriously dangerous. As for the general public, they look for products that contain the least amount of synthetic chemicals. Concerned about contaminants that may remain in the body And another important thing that many countries are campaigning for is Cosmetics must not be tested on animals, so turning to organic products helps preserve the environment in one way. Increase biological diversity From a production process that is free of hazardous chemicals

Is it a trend according to the times?

As explained above, there is a trend of choosing organic products. It began with a group of people becoming aware and caring about their own health. When used well, word of mouth spreads and it grows into a consumer trend. However, people also see that this trend is beneficial and beneficial to their own physical health. Therefore, it has become a new way of life for people who are health conscious.

Another important issue is the government’s promotion policy to help farmers who invest in organic agriculture. It has increased the demand for organic products in the country. When various products began to become popular There are both domestic and international markets. There is an export market with potential to support it. The organic market is therefore growing rapidly.

However, the main factor that makes organic products become more and more popular is probably from being able to reach and answer the needs of the target group very well. There are mainly 3 target groups for the organic product market. Nick

1. New generation group Which ranges from school age, working age, and adults who have access to information quickly. Make purchasing decisions by following the lifestyles of famous people online. Reading various reviews is popular when shopping through online channels. Moreover, the interesting behavior is Have a hectic lifestyle like the convenience but want to have a good quality of life Therefore turn to pay attention to the health of both yourself and those in your family. With good quality products

2. Elderly group Thailand will enter a fully aging society in 2021, making this population another important target group. Even though they are old, many people are still healthy. and want to have good health for a long time, therefore need high quality products to take care of their health In addition, many people in this group are retirees with middle-class status or higher. They have high purchasing power, their children and grandchildren take care of them, and they can use social media on their own. and finding information on how to take care of their health

. 3. Group of patients: People nowadays face health problems. Debilitating illness Both physical and mental health There is stress from work and life. Especially people in urban society Acquire toxins accumulated in the body from the urban environment. and unhygienic health behaviors So find a way to take better care of your own health.

Therefore, when looking at quality and health safety. Organic products are products that provide specialized value. From the consumer’s point of view They view organic products as premium products. Consumers with purchasing power therefore focus on quality and safety before considering price. In addition, the income of the middle-class population with middle to high incomes has increased. and health restrictions Therefore, health is seen as a matter worth investing in. I’m willing to pay a little more. For good, quality products that are worth it and are safe for the body.

But nowadays, because the organic market is growing fast. There are more traders in the market. Competition increases Makes the price of many products down to a level that is easier for people to afford. To reach a wider group of consumers Compared to quality and safety which has a selling point that it comes from nature There are no synthetic chemicals, it’s not dangerous, even though it’s more expensive than normal products, you’re willing to invest in your health. This makes organic products, including food, beverages , and health and beauty products , become popular according to the changing times.

What types of organic products are popular?
Currently, the organic product market is very popular. As a result, many brands are trying to make organic products that meet the lifestyles of the new generation who love health in many dimensions, including food, drinks, and organic cosmetics. Skin care product type Body cleaning products and cosmetics have become popular items among the new generation. Even men who normally may not be interested in skin care. They turned to using more organic products. For reasons of their own health And it is a product that comes from nature.

Therefore, organic products that are popular today are products used for daily consumption, such as soap, toothpaste, shampoo, skin care products. Food and Drink It may include many other household items that focus on healthy use. Starting to use more organic production processes, such as pillows, mattresses, towels, for the reason that they are natural products. Reduce allergic irritation Good for physical health and good for mental health (peace of mind)

These organic products must also have certified standards. There must be a quality certification label on the product packaging. Certified by an institute or organization that inspects organic product standards. For organic product standards in Thailand include:

  • National Bureau of Agricultural Commodity and Food Standards (ACC)
  • Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives issues the label “Organic Thailand”
  • Organic Agriculture Standards Agency (ACT), which is an independent organization that certifies organic agricultural standards. which is registered as a certification body from the International Federation of Organic Agriculture. Verified and certified by both domestic and international organizations.