10 Warning Signs of “Kidney Failure”

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Nowadays, everyone knows that if you don’t want to have kidney disease. do not eat salty or reduce spicy food But if we continue to live Eat some good food, some bad food. When will we feel that We may be at risk for kidney disease . If you have symptoms like this Go see a doctor immediately.

10 Warning Signs of “Kidney Failure”

10 warning signs of “kidney failure”

1. Abdominal pain when urinating It is often found only in women. If a man has this symptom It may be a symptom of gallstone disease instead

. It’s a sign of a blockage in the urinary tract.

3. Frequent urination. having to get up more than 1-2 times at night to urinate due to kidney dysfunction unable to absorb water back into the body 4. Urine

mixed with blood Urine is light red. or water color or there may be more turbidity than normal It’s a sign of infection.

5. Foamy urine due to protein in the urine

6. Swollen

eyelids, hands and feet , especially after waking up in the morning 

7. Tiredness, fatigue easily because there is too much water in the body 

8. High blood pressure 

9. Bleeding easily, broken bones easily, sore waist and back pain due to low blood calcium 

10. Itchy skin If these symptoms are found Whether it’s one item or many items. Let’s see a doctor immediately. Because if found first, it will be easy to treat. But if you let the symptoms get heavier Symptoms may deteriorate rapidly. Because the kidneys have a duty to purify the blood and purify waste. If the body is full of waste This ยูฟ่าเบท time, even a miracle might not help you.