Watch the Liverpool players’ psychology before Salah scores a penalty in the Community game

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Analyze the psychology of Liverpool players ahead. Mohamed Salah’s penalty shoot-out into the Community Shield in their 3-1 win over Manchester City on Saturday. past

The Community Shield battle on Saturday July 30 2022 between Manchester City and Liverpool with less than 10 minutes remaining. The game was tied at 1-1 but in the 83rd minute. The Reds had The opportunity to take the lead when Ruben Dias handballed in the penalty area from Darwin Nunez ‘s header. Which was later turned into a penalty by VAR and responsibility for a shot from 12 yards rested with Mo Sala. The Egyptians having to bear the pressure of doing this great job.

Watch the Liverpool players' psychology before Salah scores a penalty in the Community game

 However, in addition to the penalty taker must try to beat the goalkeeper of the opposite side. Klopp’s team has yet to make an effort in this regard. Liverpool won the Carabao and FA Cup last season after beating Chelsea on penalties. After the second victory. The German has revealed that the club have been working with a neuroscientist company in his hometown to try to perfect the penalty shoot-out method.

          We work with a company four men their name is neuro11 Klopp told ESPN following Liverpool’s FA Cup final victory. They contacted us two years ago. I think I knew about it at that time. One of them was a neurologist and he said. We can actually practice penalty shootouts and I said. Sounds interesting come in. German men we meet we work together and this trophy is for them like in the Carabao Cup.

 Liverpool achieved another penalty in the Community Shield as Salah did not miss his penalty. And in the morning of Sunday July 31 2022 famous sports psychologist. Ger Hordet has released a summary tweet. The role that Salah’s Liverpool team-mates have in protecting him from Manchester City’s nervous wars or other distractions. As he must defeat Ederson to pass the net. His analysis shows that Klopp’s men are well trained when it comes to penalty shootouts. By using the team’s strong mentality to ensure that there are as many shots as possible. And this is his analysis.

    Hordet tweeted Liverpool maintains their team’s approach to penalty kicks from last season. Where they shield and defend penalty shooters from a potential opponent’s nervous war. Salah was able to focus freely on the shot. Is this what they do in the Community Shield and where it comes from. When the Man City players get close to the penalty takers, Thiago & Elliott will run in. Keep them away from Salah immediately. Thiago takes on Ederson while Elliott standing behind Salah Thiago finally kept the City players out.”

          According to Hordet, this tactic was reflected last season. When Jordan Henderson played a key role. Usually Jordan Henderson is Liverpool’s head of defense against penalty shootouts. Whether it’s him alone or with his teammates. This started last season when they had to deal with Amy Martinez and Aston Villa, ” Hordet tweeted.

The Liverpool captain was withdrawn with 17 minutes remaining on Saturday. And replaced by Harvey Elliott, the winger immediately knew his role when it came time to defend Salah. Proving that all the Reds are aware of the plan every time they get a penalty. “At other times Henderson has been at the forefront of a common strategy where players take on different roles . was replaced when Henderson was substituted. Clearly this is the intentional team strategy this season. This will be interesting to follow.”

          As Hordet emphasized Liverpool’s pre-penalty tactics are no coincidence. Considering the effectiveness of that strategy lately, Klopp appears to be leading the trend in using behavioral science to organize his UFABET team.