Carabé is the passione of Antonio and Loredana Lisciandro. The couple are from Patti, on the northern coast of Sicily near Messina. Antonio has been described as a “walking encyclopedia of gelato.” Antonio’s grandfather was the first  gelataio in the family. Antonio picked up not only Lisciandro family skills and secrets, but inherited their enthusiasm for making gelato and other ice cream treats.

Carabé presents a wide range of granita and gelato, and specialty items like cannoli, cassata, and brioche, the Sicilian version of the ice cream sandwich. Antonio and Loredana use no preservatives or artificial coloring, and only the finest pistachios, hazelnuts, almonds, and “bumpy” lemons, the latter imported weekly from Sicily. Fruit flavors vary with what is in season. Carabé features cremolata made with the pulp of fruits such as strawberry, blackberry, peach, and cantaloupe.

Visit a Carabé location on your next trip to Italy!

Two Locations in Florence
Carabé is at Via Ricasoli, 60 (red), a few blocks from the Galleria dell’Accademia and Michelangelo’s David. Telephone: 055-289476.

Carabé is also at Piazza S. Jacopino, 9 (red).

In Forte dei Marmi (Vittoria Apuana)
Carabé is at Via P.I. da Carrara 23d, a beautiful beach resort near Carrara, the source of the marble for Michelangelo's David. Telephone: 0584-880215.

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